Dish Inches Closer to Wireless Market by Neil Savage

We're slowly watching an industry evolve here, folks. Yep: slooooowly watching history unfold. It's a really slow unfolding process. Slug slow. Glacier slow. The-car-in-front-of-you-taking-a-left-turn-at-a-light slow. But still, change is coming as the Big Four carriers could soon see increased competition from non-traditional telecom providers like Google, who is heavily investing in voice-over wi-fi and wi-fi only data, and Dish, who invested heavily in spectrum licenses earlier this year. We don't yet know what Dish will offer, how they will offer it, or if they plan on teaming up with a traditional carrier, but they are aiming to become the only television provider to offer wireless voice, video and data services, according to an article uncovered by Yahoo! Finance.