U.S. Drops in Rank! by Neil Savage

This must be what Donald Trump means when he talks about making America great again: though download speeds of 4G LTE networks rose slightly in the U.S. over the last year, we’re now ranked 55th in overall LTE performance. The drop comes as other countries rapidly improve their networks. 

Per network monitoring app OpenSignal, New Zealand has the best LTE network. The Kiwis and their sheep enjoy speeds 3.5 times faster than those in the U.S. Also impressive: South Koreans have LTE coverage 97% of the time.

Before you get up in arms wondering why Morocco—Morocco!—outperformed us, keep in mind the study strictly graded LTE performance, not LTE coverage. The U.S. is actually hindered because of our size and the fact that we rolled out LTE first: Verizon launched the technology back in 2010. That means countries like Japan and Australia are using newer, faster equipment. 

For the record, Verizon customers enjoy LTE coverage 84% of the time, the highest rate of any carrier. They are also tied with T-Mobile for fastest overall LTE speeds.