Sprint Gets the Green Light / by Neil Savage

Just last week, we brought news of Sprint's bold claim to soon have the best coverage. The company then reigned those boasts in by describing their plans fully: they plan to be first (or second) in coverage (in major markets).

In order to do accomplish such a feat, Sprint asked its parent company, SoftBank for approval and funding, not unlike the well-behaved teenager asking his parents to stay out past curfew on the night of the big game. Per FierceWireless: "Sprint has developed an approved network plan in partnership with SoftBank that will allow for a cost-effective network build on an accelerated timeline." 

Let's see: "Cost-effective." "Accelerated timeline." "Approved." Buzz word alert!

But seriously, Sprint's intelligent. They know the deal--they can't win the war without the best (or better) coverage. To do that, they have to spend, spend, spend. Sprint provides the vision; SoftBank provides the funding. (Oh, and "SoftBank" is a really weak name. We're not impressed or intimidated or awed. 86th largest company in the world or not... that name has to change.)

Source: http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/sprint...