Towersource Announces New Specialty: X-Ray Communications / by Neil Savage

Forget microwave transmitters. Forget cell phones. We're thinking about the future. Deep space future.

Well, we're not really thinking about it. Yet, anyways. But NASA sure is. They ask questions like, "How will Google Maps work in space?" or "How will AAA know where my spaceship is so they can come tow it?"

Network World has some interesting details on NASA's bleeding edge technology:

"Some of the “revolutionary concepts” NASA detailed this week in its 2015 Technology Roadmaps sound like they are straight out of James Bond’s Q Branch – the research division that creates all of the super-agent’s really cool technology.

Amongst the myriad concepts outlined in the Roadmaps – which lay out the new technologies and directions NASA hopes will steer its aeronautics, science and human exploration missions for the next 20 years -- were six high-risk high-reward technologies the space agency says are so “far out” that exactly how they would be developed is a not clear yet, NASA said."

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