A well-built tower requires a strong foundation, one that's anchored deep in the ground to hold up thousands of pounds of steel. Without a thoughtful design, the stability of the tower will be in jeopardy. We see ourselves in our towers and their foundations. We've spent the better part of 20 years creating our own foundation through building our reputation and by understanding what we do well.

We started as Weston Group, LLC in August 1999, as project management contractors for Verizon Wireless. For the first few years, we chugged along, learning how best to meet our customers' needs and acquiring the flexibility required to excel in the telecom business.

Eventually, we learned how to predict our customers' needs. Our expertise lead Towersource to become incorporated. By June of 2001, we grew to four project managers. In August 2002, we saw the opportunity to differentiate ourselves by bringing all A&E services in-house, allowing us to deliver the same high quality services on the design side as we deliver on the management side. Our reputation flourished.

Still, Doug and the rest of the directors were hesitant to expand. Though we grew, we reigned in the growth purposely, as we sought to focus on our core competencies, improve our own processes, and learn from our competition's mistakes. 

After a decade of honing our skills and building our foundation's strength, we knew it was time to expand. Between January and September of 2013, we tripled in size to almost 50 employees and installed our current leadership team. Confident in our abilities, the sky is now the limit as we expand throughout the Southeast into markets from Texas to the Carolinas. We now have several field offices in South Georgia, Alabama and Florida. We're able to conquer any telecom project, from a large-scale wireless market launch to a one-off architectural design solution.

Just like a tower, time and effort were poured into our foundation. We're ready to use the skills and expertise that we've developed over the last 18 years to better serve our clients.