Doug Weston

President & Owner

Doug founded the company in 1999, and he's responsible for the overall well-being of Towersource, including developing an efficient team and providing a productive environment so the aforementioned efficient team can reach peak efficiency, instead of 95% efficiency, which is not peak, and thus not what we're going for here. Through years of hard work and by being the nicest person you will ever meet, Doug has created a stellar reputation in the industry. He's done that while raising three fantastic kids: Grace, William, and Walker, who happen to be the nicest kids you'll ever meet. In his spare time, Doug enjoys traveling with his family, including church mission work in Georgia (as in the Republic of Georgia—mission work work within the state of Georgia wouldn't be worth bragging about, not that Doug ever brags.) He also enjoys running and has completed several half-marathons. He received his BBA in Management Information Systems from a little-known school called the University of Georgia and received his MBA in Management from Georgia State University. Doug was also in the Army Signal Corps for three years and holds his Real Estate license in Georgia. He has never once frowned in his entire life. 

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