Fall Event-A-Palooza by Neil Savage

The leaves may be turning, but the weather sure isn't. Ignoring the drought, Towersource has enjoyed these sunny, +75° days. October saw the semi-annual kickball tournament, in which the good guys totally decimated the competition. Score: an embarrassingly high amount to very little.

Last week, we held our annual Chili Cook-Off. It was a smashing success, as always. Cheese was sprinkled, chili was consumed, and memories were made. Congratulations to the big winners:

3rd Place: Liz

2nd Place: Dave

1st Place: Derek

This year was Derek's first time winning the contest. Both Liz and Dave have won before, so clearly, they are chili gourmands. Wait, is that how you properly use the word gourmand

Towersource Slays Halloween by Neil Savage

Too bad Halloween was on a Monday this year. But the poor timing didn't stop Towersource from rocking some sweet costumes. We got Napoleon Dynamite. A parrothead. Star Trek. Some spider-lady thing, because that's cool.

The piggyback sumo and the T-Rex costume were the funniest. To celebrate, here's a video of T-Rex riding a horse. 

Towersource Escapes by Neil Savage

If you haven't heard of the escape game craze, here's the run down: you and your team are locked into a room for a set amount of time. You're then forced to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape (hence the name escape game). They're big in Europe and Asia and growing in popularity in the US. Last week, Towersource joined in on the fun at Urban Escape Games in Alpharetta. Look at all those happy faces—it's definitely got our seal of approval.

Just for the record, we were split into three teams, and two of the three escaped, beating the games' usual odds. We won't tell you which team didn't make it out, but you may be able to tell.

Towersource Attends Hawks Game; Hawks Win by Neil Savage

It's no secret this Hawks season has been a bit of a disappointment compared to last year's 60 win season. But stalwart fans that we are, Towersource did our part by completing the unenviable task of renting out a suite and supporting the Dirty Birds for an entire game. 

In the suite, fun was had, memories were made and smiles were... smiled. Meanwhile, on the court, the Hawks destroyed the Chicago Bulls, so not only did we come together as a company, but our cheering also earned the W. Here's to a long playoff run, Atlanta.

Hawks, if you really cared about winning, you'd give Towersource a suite every game.

Towersource Honored at Bulldog 100 by Neil Savage

Congratulations are in order: Towersource was named to the Bulldog 100 for the third straight year. We’ll wait as you type up your congratulatory email. Go on, don’t be shy. Thanks, we appreciate the well wishes.

For 2015, we managed our best ever placement, as we cracked the top 20 and landed at #17. A pretty good showing for a company that’s been around since the ‘90s.

With the Bulldog 100, the UGA Alumni Association celebrates the fastest growing businesses owned or operated by UGA Alumni. All companies on the list must operate in a manner consistent with the Pillars of the Arch and the values and image of the University of Georgia.

Towersource Holds Open House by Neil Savage

If you're a friend of the company, you know we've famously grown over the last few years. You'll also know about our annual holiday cards that have a caricature of every employee at Towersource. Because of our growth, that card has gotten pretty crowded year after year. 

And so has our office, for that matter. Over the last few months, we expanded our space to give everyone a bit more elbow room. To celebrate the completion of the project (ahead of schedule and under-budget, of course), we held a fantastic open house. Dozens and dozens of customers, clients and friends stopped by to celebrate with food, punch and caricatures. 

That's right, the very same artist who does our holiday cards set-up shop and drew all afternoon. Carpal Tunnel aside, the afternoon was a resounding success. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and thanks to Team Artboy! for supplying the drawing talent.

Engineering Group Has Fun by Neil Savage

Who says engineers can't have fun? Or play sports? Ours can do both at the same time. Just look at all those smiles. The brains of Towersource took the afternoon off to enjoy Top Golf. There's nothing more enjoyable than 60 degree December weather--except working for a fantastic company!


Towersource Holiday Food Drive A Resounding Success by Neil Savage

Food drive? More like food overdrive. 

We partnered with Sandy Spring's Community Assistance Center as one of our major initiatives to give back to the community during this holiday season. The CAC Food Pantry feeds the hungry and receives over 1,300 visits per month from local families and individuals.

Our team collected non-perishable food items, toiletries, and cleaning supplies that totaled over 430 pounds after we all chipped in. A huge thanks to our organizers who got the word out and delivered the goods!

Atlanta Business Chronicle States the Obvious: Towersource is Fantastic by Neil Savage

The Atlanta Business Chronicle just released their 2015 winners for their Best Places to Work award. As you may have guessed because we're bringing it up here, we were included. It's the first time the venerable publication has bestowed the honor upon us, so we're as giddy as a self-indulged actor winning his first Oscar.

But really, the award means a great deal beyond our name in the Chronicle. We stand as a company focused on our team members and a company striving to be a cohesive community rather than employees simply coming to work. We know our name will be gracing this award for many years to come. 

Food Wars Leave Dozens Full by Neil Savage

You can't throw a rock without hitting a competitive cooking show on television these days. It all started with Iron Chef, and now every city is legally obligated to have one restaurant run by a contestant on Top Chef. Remember back when cooking shows were relaxing and soothing and Emeril yelling "Bam!" caught your attention?

Okay, with a reference to Emeril, you know we're struggling for material. Let's just cut to the recap, shall we? Nine gladiators entered to compete across three categories: chicken, pasta and dessert. We voted, and the most popular dishes were: Doug's Finger-Lickin' Wings, Danielle's Nonna's Lasagna and Melissa's Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Congratulations to all of our contestants, but an extra robust congratulations to all of our winners. 

Ice Cream Social by Neil Savage

Mondays can be a drag, so we eased into the workweek with an ice cream social. Can you be sad while eating ice cream? Science says no, especially when you top the ice cream with sprinkles, crushed Oreos, and a smattering of other goodies. Just look at all those smiles—on a Monday!

For our concerned readers, we did offer a mango sorbet for our healthier and/or lactose-intolerant team members. Because Towersource is a non-discriminatory workplace.

(And yes, that is the U.S. Open going on in the background. Golf betters every event.)

Towersource Hits the Links by Neil Savage

Call it putt putt or mini-golf or whatever you darn well please; we call it fun! Towersource kicked off summer with a smile-inducing 18-holes at Roswell's The Fringe. Nothing screams "summer" like roasting in 90 degree weather while watching your coworkers hack the ball into the water. Tap it in!

We apologize to all of our bald (and balding) employees for the UV exposure.