Danielle Videtto


Director of Human Resources

Having been with the team for over 15 years, Danielle has guided us through the good and the better. With that much telecom experience, Danielle is the rare Human Resource Director with as much industry knowledge as HR knowledge. In addition to her work directing HR, Danielle also heads up Accounting, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and, should the need arise, can also manage projects. Talk about a septuple threat! Danielle received her degree from the University of Phoenix in Healthcare Administration and Information Systems. She’s been happily married to Gabron Salome for 10 years, and together, they have two beautiful children: Xander and Bella. In her very little amount of spare time, Danielle enjoys reading books, particularly by Stephen King and James Patterson, dancing, traveling, listening to music, and hustling fools at billiards. Seriously, Danielle can rack ‘em.



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