Brandon Stewart

Director of Operations

Brandon has been with us for over a decade, and his dedication to the company and to our clients have defined our success and massive growth, making him one of our most integral assets. Charged with running daily operations, he keeps our well-oiled machine very well oiled by maintaining our relationships with our largest customers and acting as a key decision maker in almost every project we tackle. He’s been in the telecom industry for 17 years and studied Economics at the University of Georgia. His wife of 14 years is Kaylee, and together they have three adorable children. When he's not working, Brandon enjoys reading the Bible, collecting aerobic equipment from the early 1990s, and watching historical movies. "Which historical movies?" we asked him. "All of them," he replied. That’s right: every historical movie. Well, maybe not Pearl Harbor. That was a bust. Brandon also enjoys hunting, fishing, and sports. "Which sports?" we asked him. "All of them," he replied again. That’s right: every sport. Well, maybe not synchronized swimming.



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